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I Guess it isn't Always a Scam

A few months ago I was reading a news article online and I saw one of the stupid flashing ads claiming that "I've won a free iPod mini!" Normally, I ignore these, but out of curiosity, I clicked and soon found out the catch: when you signup with the company giving them out, you have to sign up for various offers on other websites (like a month of AOL or Netflix). But one offer caught my eye, eBay!

One choice you had was to simply sign up with eBay and place one bid. Doing this would give you one point, and you only needed six. If you referred a person, and they did it too, that also gave you a point. What I did was simple; I signed up with eBay and looked for really expensive items that had just been posted. For example, I would look at a PowerBook that had just been put up for sale and bid $0.99, knowing that the price would obviously skyrocket later. It counted as a bid, and I got my point. I referred others to do the same and soon I had my 6 points.

However, being the skeptic that I am, I fully expected it to be a complete scam. About a month went by, and I had pretty much given up on it, until I got an e-mail a few days ago. It said they had shipped it and even gave me the FedEx tracking number. I was shocked to find that there was actually a package headed towards me. I was still skeptical, and wondered what they would actually send me. The next day, my package arrived and, surprise! A real iPod mini. Wow, my faith in the internet is really restored!

(Now, what to do with my old iPod? Back to eBay!)

Posted by Jason at Jul 9, 04 03:00 PM | Comments (1)


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