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The Following Post is Copy-Protected...

Today I was reading an article on C|Net about Velvet Revolver's new (copy-blocked) album topping the charts. You see, the RIAA is taking this to mean that consumers have accepted copy-protection technology. There's one problem with that theory, though: Comsumers have no idea that it's even there, in fact, instead of 'accepting' it, the company that put the album out is recieving call from consumers confused because they can't copy the files to their MP3 players. That's some acceptance!

The whole war on piracy is moronic, though, I think. If the technology used here isn't already cracked, it will be soon. The only people anti-piracy technologies hinder are regular consumers. But that's what you get with a monolopy like the RIAA, an industry can wage war on it's customers and still be profitable.

Posted by Jason at Jun 19, 04 12:40 AM | Comments (2)


hold down the shift key when you put the the disc in your computer on most systems it keeps the copy protection software from running.

Posted by: Ken Torbeck at August 2, 2004 10:24 PM

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