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Dear Japan, What Gives?

The other day I finally rented the series "Neon Genesis Evangelion" from Netflix. After hearing about it forever online and from my friends, I decided that I needed to watch it. I got the first disc a few days ago, and so far I'm impressed. I seems pretty good and I'm waiting for the next one. However, the series has left me wondering about something. Namely, what's the deal with Japan and Giant robots? It seems like every other anime series that I watch somehow involves giant robots. Where did this come from? Why does Japan like them so much and it's a relatively small niche here in the US? I mean, considering America's obsession with huge stupid crap, it should be popular here, right? But what's especially confusing, though, is that it does not seem like giant robots would be an especially good weapon. They don't seem that fast and their balance really appears to suck. The other problem is that when ever they are engaged in any sort of battle, it always takes place in the middle of some huge city, and they always destroy about half of it, yet the city never really looks damaged later.

I'll keep series like this, thought, and I'll probably like most of them.

Posted by Jason at Jun 22, 04 04:53 PM | Comments (1)


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